Increased organizational visibility
and strengthened compliance.


“RMS has become a key part of our business, and a critical platform that is used by a number of teams — from finance to store design to marketing. It has allowed us to live up to our commitment to providing customers with an enhanced and consistent brand experience across all of our channels. The visibility and accuracy with which we can now execute allocations and store-specific messaging hierarchy is unparalleled. RMS has changed the way we bring our brand to life for our customers, while improving our bottom line due to significant cost savings”

Marc Jamieson, Director, TELUS Stores and Special Assignments, TELUS Mobility


TELUS Mobility faced a constant challenge with the effectiveness of it visual marketing and store-specific allocations and messaging, due to an outdated system that required multiple layers of people and processes in order for stores to execute on marketing objectives. One of the biggest challenges TELUS faced was addressing the amount of time it took to get a campaign out the door, which was deemed to be unacceptable.

The inefficient and ineffective process the organization had in place resulted in stores ordering posters from vendors directly in an unformed way, resulting in inaccurate messaging hierarchy and incorrect quantities that often meant only a small percentage of collateral printed and shipped were actually used. In addition to dealing with those financial losses, TELUS was also looking to drive changes at the dealer channel level in order to better align them with the customer experience at corporate stores.


After incorporating RMS, the organization immediately saw the benefits of a common database and reference point to drive organizational visibility and built-in assurances around store compliance. One of the most significant early successes for the organization was reducing the time from brief to in-store by 80%. Another significant benefit was cost - within the first year the company saved $250,000 in print costs due to store-specific planogra ms.

In addition to cost savings, TELUS identified that the two most significant and immediate benefits of RMS were the ability execute on the vision from head office, and simplicity of use. Ease of use was particularly relevant to TELUS as incorporating the RMS platform was the first time multiple teams relied on a central hub - teams as diverse as store design, merchandising, and finance.

In addition to those successes, messaging hierarchy at the store level was accurately deployed, and the financial and environmental waste experienced with printing unnecessary posters was rectified. The RMS platform meant TELUS could communicate the right message, in the right size and format, using the right fixtures in-store.


  • Improved visibility across the organization — from allocations to compliance
  • Easier execution for stores based on clear direction
  • Alignment of brand and marketing messaging across various points of distribution