Rogers tracked and captured an immense amount of critical data on all of its stores – everything from square footage, numbers of fixtures, business intelligence information such as shopper data, and thousands of other data points. That data was captured individually per store in Excel and the company’s AS 400 database. Since keeping all of the data up-to-date was essential – and given that the Rogers team managed all of the information – it required two full time employees to manage and keep the database up to date. In addition to the significant time required to do so, as well as the strain on human resources, some of the information and data was not being shared effectively across the organization, which meant lost opportunities and wasted resources.


The organization’s retail operations are now streamlined using the RMS platform, resulting in staffing efficiencies and ongoing cost savings. Rogers is now able to run complex queries based on store profiles that can be saved as an attribute used in their allocations; the attribute is automatically updated in the system as data within RMS changes, ensuring that the allocations are kept accurate and truly reflect market dynamics.

With RMS and the right data, Rogers now executes allocations based on each store’s unique profile and characteristics. By incorporating insights based on unique profiles for each store, RMS’s artificial interagency module – a real-time recommendation engine powered by advanced analytical algorithms – determines what fixture is best for each of Rogers’ programs, allowing the company to predict and execute an enhanced customer experience


  • Single repository to contain all store profile data, allowing for attributes to be established and queries to be run
  • Ease of application and simple transfer of data to RMS
  • Better business intelligence in an increasingly complex retail environment, resulting in improved communication to stores on a granular level
  • Direct feedback from Rogers on the increased operational efficiencies and streamlined communication experienced across the organization